Experience A Different Home Stereo System With The Flexound Pulse Cinema Seating

Flexound Pulse by Flexound Augmented Audio is a very interesting seating solution offering that personal sound bubble we all want when we want to experience a true home stereo experience. The promise is an audio experience that is full-range, without any external loudspeaker.

With this chair, you get a vibro-acoustic experience. It uses physical soundwave vibrations to give you access to a multisensory audio experience, one that was interestingly enough first develop to lend a helping hand to children suffering from autism.

You can learn more about the augmented audio system with the video below:

We are talking about a technology that enables the installation of personalized sound zones. You can get this in cars, a capacity that was showcased by the company in a collaboration with Hyundai.

With the Pulse chair I definitely really want in my home but will most likely never get, Flexound technology is all about a combo of an electromagnetic driver and a vibrating soundboard. All is put inside the cushion of the chair.

Flexound Augmented Audio believes people feel frequencies of a maximum of 500 Hz, except for the skin and hands, which can feel frequencies as high as 1,000 Hz. Basically, the configuration of Flexound Pulse creates a very interesting experience in which you are seated as you feel and hear the audio in the movie.

The company explains:

“Unlike loudspeakers that vibrate sound into the air, Flexound Augmented Audio radiates the vibration through foam, providing a soft, near-field listening experience.”

A further explanation is that Pulse:

“provides a personalized, enclosed equivalent of 5.1 surround sound by feeding the audio signal to four channels, each of which can reproduce high-quality full-range audio, which is carefully mechanically tuned.”

What is very interesting is that Flexound Pulse is capable of giving you the exact surround sound audio experience you would expect, together with touch sensation, without it mattering where exactly you are in a room. There is not even a need to have the volume at a high setting.

With Flexound Augmented Audio, the technology can easily be embedded into practically everything. As long as the surface touches your body and is soft, it can be added. This means you can use the technology in gaming chairs, shopping mall seating, home theaters, furniture for the boardroom, and much more.

Cinemas can now order Flexound Pulse and I would definitely want one in my home. But, this will only happen at a later point in time for sure.

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