Apple’s iOS 15 Is Now Available – Here Are the Most Notable New Features

iPhone and iPad users can now upgrade to iOS 15 by downloading it from the App Store. It enhances your iPhone with a variety of new features and improvements, including a simpler Safari experience, preconfigured options for quickly altering your home screen arrangement, and significant improvements to FaceTime. Before you upgrade though, here’s what you get with iOS 15.

FaceTime with a Sophisticated New Look

Apple’s video conferencing software has seen considerable improvements, putting it on par with Zoom and Google Meet in terms of functionality. You can start by using Zoom’s conference call grid view for multi-person conversations. In the Camera app, there’s a Portrait option that keeps your face in focus while blurring off the clutter in the background. You can now share FaceTime links with others and invite them to a video call that you can add to your calendar by creating FaceTime links. Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge browsers can be used by anyone with the link, regardless of whether they are using an Android phone or a Windows laptop (the calls are still end-to-end encrypted).

FaceTime uses spatial audio to space out noises based on the location of your friends in the grid view of a group call, giving the impression that you’re all in the same room during video talks. Additionally, Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum are both available as microphone settings. Background noise will be eliminated, leaving only your speech for the other person to hear. The latter will make a valiant effort to pick up on any and all sounds that might be present around you.

New Concentration Methods

If your iPhone’s never-ending barrage of notifications has ever made you feel frazzled, don’t worry. iOS 15 introduces improved notification design and management choices.

Larger app notification icons and a new Do Not Disturb mode all have contact photos for messages. Like a status update, when you turn on Do Not Disturb in Messages, your friends and family will notice that you don’t want to be bothered. As with other programs like Slack’s Do Not Disturb mode, users still have the option to send a message.

It’s now possible to evaluate insignificant notifications at preset times of the day, such as morning or evening. A new Notification Summary feature lets you do this. Machine learning is used to identify which notifications should be included in the summary as well as when they should be delivered to your phone based on your usage patterns. Never fear, your missed calls or unread messages will not be included in your Summary. In addition, you must agree to participate. Go to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary to see it.

Safari gets a facelift with the addition of new features including Live Text and Photo Recall

Apple’s improved computer vision skills are responsible for one of iOS 15’s most notable new features: Live Text. A text icon appears in the lower right corner of your camera app when you point it towards text. The material will be highlighted, making it simple to copy and paste into another program. The same text symbol in the lower right corner of photos with text in your Photos collection works here as well. Live Text will create a connection from any text in the image, including phone numbers and addresses. Contact information is entered into the phone dialer and the location is displayed in Maps.

Apple Music’s integration with the Photos app is unique. This feature automatically makes a mini-movie about selected trips or events and selects an appropriate song from Apple Music when you open the Photos app and select the For You tab (but only if you have a subscription to the music service). It’s possible to make changes to the movie as you’re watching it by speeding it up or changing the soundtrack or filters. However, Apple gives you much more control over the integration of music than Google Photos, which announced a similar function in 2018.

Better-quality maps

With regard to travel, the improved version of Apple Maps is now accessible in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia. iOS 15 includes improved map data from Apple. More street-level data, city elevation information, and custom graphics for landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge can be found in commercial districts. Maps will now show highway interchanges in 3D as you’re driving, so you’ll know exactly which lane to be in.

If you’re going to share something, be sure it’s something you and your pals will like. Messages are now being saved in a new “Shared With You” section in some apps. If someone shares a lot of photos from a trip you went on, the photos will appear in the new Shared With You section of the Photos app. If you get a news item, it will appear in the Shared With You area of Apple News. 


Use Spotlight, the search bar that shows when you scroll down from the home screen, to find contacts, celebrities, and movies, and you’ll notice a new design that provides more details when you search for them. You can also use it to find and install new applications. From the Lock Screen, simply swipe down on the display to go to the notification.

Health App

Apple’s Health App now allows you to share health information with loved ones or caregivers. This makes it possible for them to keep an eye on key metrics and be alerted as soon as something unexpected occurs. A new Walking Steadiness metre also assesses your risk of tripping and falling on a regular basis.

Using the app, you can also store your Covid-19 test results as well as your immunisation history. The record can be downloaded via QR code or browser and saved to the Health app for future use if the medical facility for immunisation provider does not have this capacity.


Anyone who already has an iCloud subscription can take advantage of this new function without having to pay anything more. iCloud Private Relay (now in beta with a final release later) encrypts all internet traffic leaving your device, comparable to a virtual private network, and adds the ability to generate one-off burner emails when signing up for a service online. HomeKit Secure Video compatibility is also expanded.

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