Top 10 Video Game Scandals in History

10 Starcraft Match Fixing in South Korea

Professional video gaming scene is booming in South Korea, video gaming is respected almost like professional sport in South Korea. South Korea has a history of illegal video gaming scandals. A few years ago, eleven  e-athletes from South Korea were many times accused of throwing their Starcraft matches to the opponents for payoffs. They were involved with illegal gambling agencies that ran “illegal training centers” that taught Starcraft game players how to throw winnable matches for some money. The scandal had become so huge that the South Korea government had to get involved! This scandal was called the world’s biggest scandal in gaming history.

9 Street Fighter X Tekken

When the video game Street Fighter x Tekken released, players were very eager to finally see these two leading fighting game agencies go at it. Unfortunately, that hype did not live for longer as data miners from the gaming industry very quickly discovered that all of the video game’s downloadable content was already available on the disk which was actually scheduled to be released several months later. With a simple hacking, video gamers played the full game with ease. The game developer company Capcom continued to defend their decision to put future releases on the disk, but it caused the company a huge loss.

8 Xbox One

One of the recent gaming scandals. At the time when Xbox One was released, many rumors were around about draconian DRM. Players had to be always online, they were not able sell used games between users. Then  Sony released E3 and Sony milked most of Microsoft’s mistakes, it was very easy to share video games on the PS4. Later, Microsoft tried hard to explain about their decisions, eventually they had to adopt almost all the policies of Sony.

7 The PS3 Security Scandal

A few years ago, it was one of the very big gaming scandals involving PS3’s security breach. This scandal happened when the first hardware dongle for PS3 was developed. The hacker George Hotz that first developed the hardware dongle, had to face the legal case by Sony’s legal team. After this, in a short time, anonymous internet gaming groups attacked Sony, possibly for the same  reasons. The hacking attack caused Sony’s PSN network to go offline. Possibly this hacking attempt compromised personal info of PS3 users. Hacker Hotz denied his involvement in the attack, but the two incidents seemed to be coincidental.

6 GameSpot Fired Employee Due To A Game Review

In the year 2007, GameSpot released a Kane and Lynch banner ad with huge money involved. When game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann gave an honest but bad review, Gerstmann was fired from GameSpot. Officially, it never came out that Gerstmann was actually sacked for his poor review of Kane and Lynch. Later Gerstmann with colleagues at GameSpot formed Giantbomb.

5 The Mass Effect

Mass Effect was declared as alien sex simulator game by some stupid pundits at Fox News who never played a video game before. They were declaring the game as a sex simulator due to one scene in the video game that was a romantic bed scene featuring an alien girl, with tasteful censorship by the gaming company. Yet, the pundits from Fox News declared the game as a pornographic video game.

4 Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto game had a very popular “Hot Coffee” scene that was actually an explicit sexual scene where the gamer can have on screen sex with a woman in the game. The mini-game was removed from the final product as it was too explicitly pornographic in nature. But, with a little bit of hacking the pornographic the mini-game was actually visible for all the gamers to see. Conservative american public came down harshly on its game developers for considering it in the first place.

3 Mortal Kombat and ESRB

When the Mortal Kombat game was released, the ESRB did not exist. In this era, video games were not rated. The video games were just sold to anybody just like toys. Some great video games of all time like Super Mario 3, got released at this time. While many unrated crap video games also came out, two video games really shocked parents everywhere; Mortal Kombat and Night Trap, whose entire plot was vampires searching and attacking girls only on slumber parties. These two popular video games are the main reason the ESRB was formed.

2 Doom and Columbine Shooters

In America, whenever an unwanted tragic shooting takes place, people immediately blame video games, as if playing a video game turns a person into a murderer. Heck, it was these accusations that made Jack Thompson’s career. However, the largest scandal was traced to the tragic school shooting in Columbia. The shooters involved in this tragic school shooting actually were of Doom – the video game. 

They are video game related murders in the past, anyone killing another person due to a video game. A american teen was found killing his own parents over a Halo video game. MMO video game players have been found guilty of assaults and stolen loot. A young boy was suspected in the murder of his grandmother, she was killed by shooting in the head. The boy was playing Grand Theft Auto IV before the incident. A simple Google search will throw countless reports of video game linked disputes. As a human race one needs to grow up quickly and understand any video game is just a game and not real, as no one deserves to die over a video game.

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